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In the years since our launch, the legalization of cannabis has become a success story. A broad majority of Americans now support the legalization and regulation of cannabis for both adult and medical use. Legal medical cannabis is now available to more than 75% of the U.S. population and adult use cannabis is legal to almost 50%. This support crosses party lines, which is a rare example of bipartisanship in public policy.

A great deal more needs to be done to expand legal cannabis access, achieve comprehensive national regulation (both in the U.S. and globally), and refine and standardize regulatory control to maximize public health. Nonetheless, the ongoing failure of the global drug war – coupled with the worsening overdose crisis – compels us to broaden our mission.

Since its inception, our core mission has centered on enhancing public health through the evidence-based regulation of cannabis and dismantling punitive measures associated with its use by adults. Our aspiration has always been to extend these endeavors to encompass all currently banned substances. While numerous other entities have taken the lead in confronting the inequities and harms of the war on drugs, the perspectives of medical professionals have frequently been overlooked. In a conscious effort to amplify the voices of physicians and other licensed medical experts, our organization now embarks on a broader commitment to address the global war on drugs.

To reflect this expansion of our mission, on Oct 2, 2023 we became Doctors for Drug Policy Reform (D4DPR). With a new, broader scope, D4DPR is addressing a wider range of drug policy issues. Our board feels passionate about our new path as we embark on this broader trajectory for our organization. We anticipate a comprehensive engagement that will confront the injustices, damages, and the rising toll of fatalities resulting from drug prohibition. We invite you to join us in our endeavor to foster a more empathetic, empirically-based, and deliberate approach to the complexities of drug use and misuse.